Eat real food, not chemicals.


Payton of Payton's Paleo Hi, I’m Payton Walton, RN


I offer personal health coaching and consultations to help you achieve your best health.


I also offer assistance with chelating heavy metals using the oral chelation method of Andrew Cutler.


If you would like expert advice about vitamin, mineral, and natural health practices, I would love to help you.


I offer a 1.5 hour consult, via Skype, phone, or in person (if you live within 40 miles of San Francisco). My fee is $150.00 for the 1.5 hour consult. Any needed follow-up is $100.00 per hour.


You will receive: An eating plan, a vitamin and supplement schedule, food list tailored to your individual needs, and text support for questions as you start your new healthy lifestyle.


You may reach me to schedule a health consultation at:




My own story:

Most of my life I have been what people called “an overly sensitive person”, more bothered/irritated/made anxious by: loud noises, crowds, bright lights, tags on my clothing, seams in the toes of my socks, cluttered/dirty/unorganized spaces, too much happening at once, time pressures, being in new situations without any foreknowledge about them, and prone to excessive emotional reactions: irritated and angered easily, easily made to cry, feelings hurt often, along with wild swings in energy and mood. I learned these sensory processing issues were connected to heavy metal toxicity due to mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings, vaccines, and contact lens solution, and certain MTHFR anomalies in my genetics.


I started keeping a food diary to see if I could pin point what I was eating in the hours/days before I experienced the familiar problems. I quickly saw a correlation between my intake of chemicals, grains, dairy, and processed sugar, with the joint pain, acne, rashes and psoriasis, depression, brain fog and fatigue.


About the same time I began paleo eating I learned I had several genetic MTHFR anomalies, and started the correct vitamin and mineral supplementation for those. I also completed oral chelation for heavy metals.


The fogginess in my head and my depressed mood finally lifted. I felt like I had the brain of a 25-year-old again, with sharp focus and good concentration, and I was sleeping like a baby. My physical endurance and strength returned. That is when I realized just how far from healthy, optimal living I had wandered, and how wonderful it felt to be back to my best self again. I would like to help others to achieve this for themselves too.