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 Welcome to my paleo playground.


Hi there, I’m Payton. I’m so glad you dropped by. Please look around, click on tabs, pictures, read up, explore recipes. I love to read your comments and will always personally answer any questions you might have. Do let me know if there is a special dish or recipe of which you would like me to make a paleo version. I love that kind of challenge and paleo prototype cooking is what I do with most of my time anyway!


I found the paleo style of eating after a multitude of health concerns, both my own and my family and friends, (arthritis, IBS, GERD, heart disease, psoriasis, eczema anxiety/depression, obesity, autoimmune disorders) were only being addressed by the mainstream medical establishment by drugs, nutritional advice that wasn’t working, and a “take these pills for life, there’s nothing more that can be done” attitude.


By following a paleo diet and lifestyle I, and many of those close to me, have experienced profound improvements in our health and well-being. I started this blog to share with others what has helped all of us so much.


The more you learn and discover about eating and living a paleo lifestyle, the happier and healthier you will be.



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