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Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice

Posted on May 7, 2014 | 1 comment

Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice

Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice

Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice, is a perfect recipe when you are

short on time and need to throw together a fast and easy paleo meal. Sorely needed for days were everything seems to go haywire. So you overslept this morning? Horrendous traffic in your commute? Had to put in overtime at work? Late getting the kids picked up from activities? Some days are just like that, we all have them, life happens. It is good to be ready for days like this so we don’t let them weaken our resolve and commitment to healthy paleo eating. Enter, easy paleo casseroles.


The secret to staying with a paleo eating lifestyle is to be prepared ahead of time. Healthy paleo foods are not difficult to make, but you must have the forethought to keep paleo ingredients in the kitchen at all times. You’re going to go grocery shopping anyway, just make sure to follow my shopping guides for what food to buy and you’ll be set. If you have a basic supply of items stocked in your pantry, and in your fridge, at all times, you can always make a quick, nutritious paleo meal, even on those days when “what’s for dinner” is the last thing on your mind.


Add this dish to your line up of  great tasting paleo casseroles that can be made in 5 minutes flat, from ingredients that can be kept on hand at all times in your pantry.

Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice

  • Prep time:  5 minutes
  • Cook time:  15 minutes
  • Servings:  4


  • 2  pouches Trader Joe’s frozen pre-cooked Organic Jasmine Rice, cooked as directed on box  (or dry organic jasmine, Basmati or parboiled rice cooked as directed for quantity desired) ***
  • 2  BPA-free cans smoked oysters (Cut each oyster in 1/2, they taste better in smaller pieces.)paleo_oysters
  • 1  cup cooked, chopped organic frozen spinach
  • 3  TBS. olive oil (you can use some from the canned oysters)
  • 4  TBS. nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1  tsp. salt
  • (optional) 1/2  tsp. paprika
  • (optional) 1/4 cup bacon crumbles


1) In separate bowls, cook rice and spinach, each as directed.

2) Mix all the ingredients together in a casserole pan or large bowl, adding additional olive oil and salt to your taste.

3) Sprinkle with additional paprika as a garnish.


Although paleo casseroles are quick and easy to prepare, this one is an extremely nutrient dense dish. It is amazingly high in vitamins A, B-12, C, protein, iron, zinc, folate, selenium and copper.  It is filling, delicious and yet not too heavy.


Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice can count as one of your seafood servings for the week. Bon appetít.


*** If you’d like to increase the super beneficial resistant starch via the white rice in this recipe, you could switch to parboiled (also called converted rice), or Basmati rice which was cooked a day earlier and allowed to cool down overnight. Then use that rice, re-heated, with this recipe. The re-heating does not change the effects of the resistant starch.) Be good to your microbiota, and they will be good to you.


This resistant starch method of preparation will also lower the amount of carbs your body absorbs and increase your fat burning mechanism. All cooked, cooled and reheated white rice retains high amounts of resistant starch which is very good for the beneficial bacteria in our colons. Parboiled and Basmati rice retain some of the highest amounts, even more so when they are reheated from cooled leftovers.


Anybody eating a low-carb version of paleo really needs to read up on the benefits of resistant starch intake. Prepared properly, it will not trigger an insulin response like that of starches which are not resistant ones. Many of my recipes, including Paleo Casseroles: Smoked Oysters and Jasmine Rice can be made using the white rice resistant starch technique of cooking, then cooling overnight, then reheating, thus allowing them to be part of any low-carb paleo eating style.


(photo credit: Johann Wilhelm Preyer – Stillleben mit Trauben, Austern, Haselnüssen und einem Sektglas Public Domain Wikimedia Commons)


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  1. Megan

    This has become my go to lunch if I have nothing left over or prepared. It hits the spot every time and gives me such great energy!

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