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Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies (grain-free)

Posted on Dec 3, 2014 | 2 comments

Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies (grain-free)

Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies

These Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies are sure to please even the choosiest of your culinary friends. If you’ve ever been unsure of what kind of paleo treat to serve to a gathering of people who have never tasted paleo baked goods, then choose this recipe. Not only is it fast, convenient, and easy, it will soon be added to everyone’s favorite recipe list. Not to mention how much fun it is to tell everyone what the ingredients are and watch the incredulous looks on their faces! What, no flour?


There have never been any leftovers when I have taken these to a party. Better be prepared to share the Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownie recipe because people aren’t going to believe these are paleo.


My friends are chomping at the bit for me to post this darn recipe. I have brought so many Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownie test batches to the nurses at work that they just want the recipe already! So, even though I have not had time to do a proper photo shoot for pictures, I am caving under the “pressure-to-post”. Never come between a paleo eater and her chocolate dessert recipes!


If you really want to jump off the over-the-top gooey chocolate deep end, (which I did when making these for Thanksgiving with several non-paleo eating family members);  you can top these beauties with my Paleo Nutella-like Chocolate Spread.


As you look over the ingredients list for my Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies you might think I left out some kind of flour or starch-based item.  Crazy as it seems, the cake-like texture is achieved by the heating of the nut butter and the maple syrup together.  I tell you, it is like magic!



Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies

  • Prep time:  8 minutes
  • Cook time: 30-40 minutes
  • Servings:  20


1) Pre-heat oven to 350°.

2) Beat eggs until frothy.

3) Beat in all other ingredients, except chocolate chips, on high-speed until well mixed and creamy.

4) Fold in chocolate chips or nibs, and any other optional ingredients you’re using.

5) Spread batter into a 9 x 13 lightly greased baking dish. (I used coconut oil.)

6) Bake for 30-40 minutes depending on how chewy vs. cake-like you prefer your brownies. (I go for 30 minutes as I like gooey centers and almost needing to eat my brownies with a spoon.)


I like to reserve some of the chips to sprinkle on the top of the batter, once I have spread it out in the baking pan. It makes a pleasing topper.


Allow to cool completely, if you can wait that long. 😉 Hope you enjoy my Paleo Chocolate Chip Brownies, the chocoholics in my family sure do!





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  1. Karen

    These are the best brownies I have ever eaten in my entire life! I had a little get together to attend and thought the ingredients in this recipe looked foolproof! After I confirmed with Megan this was always a winner I gave it a try. I used Rapunzel cocoa powder-which is organic with my favorite deep chocolate flavor, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, and did not add the optional extras! Everyone went crazy for these brownies, ate second servings and asked for the recipe. They were moist, with a rich chocolate flavor, just sweet enough without a hint of maple! Delicious!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Karen, you’re a doll!
      I’m so glad you decided to try my paleo brownies. 🙂
      I promise you, paleo cooking and eating is more delicious and creative than you could ever imagine. Plus, you are not serving your friends and family chemicals, preservatives and over-processed junk foods.
      Good Job!!

      ~ Payton

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