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Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter (quick version)

Posted on Apr 15, 2014 | 0 comments

Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter (quick version)

Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter

I whipped up this impromptu Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter as a quick, no-cooking-required dessert for myself the other night. I was craving something with gooey, flour-less cake mouth feel, so I made up this luscious little marvel. It was easy, fast, and all from a few ingredients I always have stocked in the pantry and stocked in the fridge


Sometimes you just want a few spoonfuls of a paleo treat without baking a complicated recipe. The Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter does just this for my sweet tooth.


 Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter


Paleo Chocolate Chips

  • 1  TBS.  Paleo Chocolate Chips  (you may use regular chocolate chips if you tolerate them)
  • 1  TBS. tapioca starch, arrowroot flour or potato starch (most resistant starch)
  • 2  tsp. organic maple syrup, or honey, or 5 drops SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia (1)


1) While stirring, heat the chocolate chips and sweetener until just melted.  Now, stir in your starch of choice until well blended.


(Payton’s Paleo 30 Day Challenge friendly if you use the liquid stevia drops for sweetener.)


The consistency of this Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter is a little thinner than a piece of flour-less chocolate cake, and very thick and gooey. It really hits the spot for a rich treat.


Be prepared for a very satisfying, spoon licking, finger dipping,  ahhhh… moment. (And no awful sugar buzz, brain fog, or energy crash afterword.)  Along with being prepared for all baking projects, being able to make this dessert is a good reason to keep a stash of paleo chocolate chips in the freezer.


(1) RS (resistant starch) = starches that resist being broken down or digested while in the stomach or small intestine.  This leaves them available to feed the beneficial micro-flora that inhabit our colon. These “good bacteria”, called our gut microbiome, play key roles in keeping our hormones, blood sugars, digestive and immune system, and so many other parts of our body, optimally healthy and functioning at top-level.


Paleo friendly foods with high RS levels include:  first cooked, then cooled overnight, and eaten cold or warmed up – white potatoes and white rice. (any type, russet, Yukon gold, red. Sweet potatoes, though very healthy in other ways, do not have significant RS, only white ones.)  RS is also found in unmodified, uncooked potato starch, green bananas, and uncooked plantains. (These are often added to smoothies).  Heating up the above items lowers their RS content unless the potatoes or white rice have first been cooked, then cooled to be eaten. e.g. potato salad, fried potatoes which were cooked the day before then allowed to chill overnight, or fried rice.


As crazy as it seems, high RS foods do not spike blood sugar levels, help with fat loss, improve your sleep, increase your energy levels, and improve your gut health.  What’s not to love?  Pass the Paleo Chocolate Decadence Batter please!



(1) I only use the brand called SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops because they use only cold water to extract the flavoring from the stevia leaves, no chemicals, no alcohols, no petroleum products, no enzymes. I use their liquid stevia, not their powdered product because the powdered contains inulin, which though it is a beneficial natural fiber, some people, especially those intolerant to some FODMAP foods, cannot digest inulin without experiencing lots of bloating and gas.

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