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Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty (dairy, sugar-free)

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 | 0 comments

Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty (dairy, sugar-free)

Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty


This cool, sweet-tooth satisfying Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty is so simple to make, you’re not going to believe it. Only a strong blender or Vitamix is required. If you’re ever craving a big cold milkshake, this recipe will get the job done and hit the spot. For those of us who have bad reactions to dairy and processed sugar, this delicious paleo alternative is golden.


A Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty is a good reason to always keep a supply of frozen fruit on hand in the freezer. If berries are in season, you can buy fresh ones in bulk, and store them in freezer bags for months.


Feel free to add protein powder to your Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty to make it a filling breakfast or post workout shake. Enjoy it guilt free. This frosty is full of healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.




 Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty

  • Prep time:  5 minutes
  • Cook time:  0
  • Servings:  2 large frosties


  • 1 large ripe frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup lite or full fat canned coconut milk, almond milk or any milk substitute of choice
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • 2 TBS. unsweetened cacao powder
  • 1 TBS. fruit only raspberry jam
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp. organic maple syrup, or organic honey, or birch xylitol, or 15 drops Sweetleaf liquid stevia
  • (optional) 1 tsp. chocolate extract
  • (optional) 1 heaping TBS. dark chocolate chips or Paleo Chocolate Chips


1) Place all ingredients except chocolate chips in a blender or Vitamix, and whip on highest setting until creamy smooth.

2) If you’re using chocolate chips, add them in last, and blend for only enough time to break chips up into slivers.


If you would like to freeze this Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Frosty after making it, you can enjoy it later as a solid “paleo ice cream”, eaten with a spoon.


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