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Paleo Coconut Rice

Posted on Aug 27, 2014 | 6 comments

Paleo Coconut Rice

Paleo Coconut Rice

Paleo Coconut Rice tastes delicious as a base for both savory and sweet dishes. I have been having so much fun coming up with multiple ways to pair it with other foods to explore its incredible versatile number of uses.


Under a savory topping, such as Paleo Collard Greens with Bacon, or carnitas with guacamole, it has just enough sweetness to perfectly compliment the salty, meaty taste of the spicier entre.


Used as a base for a sweeter dish, such as paired with sliced bananas and fruit, and topped with coconut milk and Paleo Toasted Coconut Flakes – Maple, it is out-of-this-world delicious.


One use I have found for it is to put together a paleo version of one of my favorite desserts: Thai sticky rice with mangoes. Cover a bowl of the rice with fresh sliced mangoes, Paleo Vanilla Sauce and Paleo Toasted Coconut Flakes – Maple. Don’t ever let anyone tell you there are no tasty paleo treats without processed sugars or flours!


I have even more good news about this recipe. If you prepare Paleo Coconut Rice ahead of time, and let it cool down and chill overnight in the fridge, then use it to cook with in the following days, either re-heated or cold, it is an excellent source of resistant starch. This special type of starch is a soluble fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in our colons called our microbiota. These beneficial bacteria are thought to help regulate blood sugar, decrease fat storage, bolster our immune systems and improve our mental health.

 Paleo Coconut Rice



  • Prep time:  5 minutes
  • Cook time:  15 minutes
  • Servings:  6 cups




Paleo_Coconut_Rice1)  Place all ingredients in a large sauce pan. 

2) Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to a low simmer, cover pot, and cook for 15 minutes or until all water is absorbed.

3) Remove from heat and allow to cool in pot with lid on.

4) When cool, store in a covered container in the refrigerator.


Let me know what dishes you discover to use with this versatile Paleo Coconut Rice by leaving a comment below. It’s always great to get reader’s ideas and suggestions. Thanks!






Paleo Coconut Flakes on Paleo Coconut Rice with blueberries and raspberries



Paleo Coconut Flakes on Paleo Coconut Rice with blueberries and coconut milk



Paleo Toasted Coconut Flakes on Paleo Coconut Rice with sliced bananas and vanilla sauce


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  1. Megan s

    My husband’s favorite rice now! Thank you!!

  2. Darren Edwards


    Just wondering if you have any opinions on arsenic in rice. Currently eating around 3-6 cups (cooked) per week post workout with eggs/whey. Always use white Indian basmati/Thai rice, rinsed loads and cooked in lots of water.
    I’m still a little bit paranoid about this, however!

    BTW, I seem to do well on ACV soaked oats PWO and occasionally indulge!!



    • admin

      Hi Darren,

      I also have read up about the arsenic levels in white rice, so I understand the heebie-jeebies around it. However, in the amounts you and I (I eat about the same amount)are are eating per week, I feel it is a non-issue.

      Our brains are fully developed (arsenic is most damaging to children’s developing brains), so chance of damage is abysmal.

      Also, you are doing great eating WHITE instead of BROWN rice (brown much higher in arsenic), and hopefully you are eating it in RESISTANT STARCH cooked fashion, to take advantage of the beneficial pre-biotic component of rice’s resistant starch content after it has been cooked, cooled, then eaten. (re-heated is fine).

      Last thing, white rice grown in CALIFORNIA has been shown to have the lowest amount of arsenic, so I buy only Californian Basmati rice. (Basmati b/c it has the highest resistant starch content when cooked, then cooled, then re-heated.) I know, I know, freakin’ paleo people and their high maintenance eating “rules”. 😉

      I wish I could eat oats, but ALL grains aside from rice are a no-go for me. I have a theory that Type-O blood can’t do as well as Type-A with any of the grains. (Dr. D’Adamo is onto something with his EatRightfor Your Blood Type). So I also pay attention to that as I am a TYPE-O (non-seretor) and have found I do well taking into account D’Adamo’s ideas combined with paleo eating.

      All the best, keep up the healthy eating!

      ~~~ Payton

      • Darren Edwards

        Hi Payton,

        Many thanks for the reply. We do eat hot white rice, but I always make enough to store some in the fridge for later and get the RS benefits. Could start making rice in advance for the family and reheating, I guess. Loving mango and coconut milk w/rice after training straight from the fridge!

        • admin

          Darren, Sounds like you have the resistant starch(RS) concept all dialed in. Excellent! Your microbiata thank you.

          Yes, I was on a Paleo Coconut Rice jag for about a month after I came up with this recipe too.;) With mangoes it is the perfect amount of light carbs after a workout.

          ~~~ Payton

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