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Paleo lingo and terms you may come across in paleo blogs, websites, books and articles


Blue-Blocking Goggles/Glasses – Yellow, orange or amber tinted lens of glasses or goggles that some people wear while watching TV or using computer screens. They are meant to block out blue light emitted by screens, which are thought to cause damage to eyes.

CAFO – Concentrated animal feeding operation. A term frequently used to describe massive industrial “factory farming” methods of raising livestock.

Macronutrients – Nutrients that provide calories or energy to the body. The three major ones being: protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Micronutrients – Nutrients required by our bodies in very small, or “trace” quantities to help perform physiological functions. e.g. zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium.

Mexican Paleo – Eats “pure paleo” with dairy and legumes.

N=1 – Someone’s personal, first hand experience of doing something.  e.g.  My N=1 of eating 4 TBS. of potato starch a day was better sleep, lower blood sugars and improved mood.

Ova-lacto Paleo – Eats “pure paleo” without meat or fish but with eggs and dairy.

Paleo Reenactors – People who are literally trying to live like paleolithic man, eating only what can be hunted, fished and plucked or dug up by hand.

Paleovangelist – Someone so caught up in the merits of paleo eating and lifestyle that they seem to be constantly proselytizing about it.

Pesca Paleo – Eats “pure paleo” but only animal proteins are eggs and fish.

Primal Paleo – A version of the paleo diet advocated by Mark Sisson as illustrated in his book The Primal Blueprint. Excludes all grains and legumes, allows full fat dairy.

Pure Paleo – Eats only animal proteins, vegetables, few fruits (mostly berries) nuts, and seeds.

Raw Paleo – Pure paleo eaters who eat their fish, meat and most vegetables, uncooked.

Safe Starches – (white rice, taro, sago, plantains,  tapioca, sweet and white potatoes, tapioca,  arrowroot and potato starches and flours) – A term coined by Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet,  authors of The Perfect Health Diet and allowed on their version of the paleo diet – (which is the one Payton personally follows).

Swiss Paleo – Eats “pure paleo” with dairy.

The Whole30® – (written like that, without a space between the “e” and “30”) A 30 day pure paleo diet plan started by a husband and wife team. Info is free for the plan. You can also register on-line and pay for on-line support and coaching.



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