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Paleo Toothpaste Recipe

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Paleo Toothpaste Recipe

Paleo Toothpaste Recipe

Here is a Paleo Toothpaste Recipe that will help you start replacing the commercial, highly processed, beauty and health hygiene products in your cupboards. I think you’ll feel great about the simplicity and purity of this healthy alternative to chemical filled toothpastes.


Many people who are so attentive to the purity of their foods and paleo menu planning, sometimes forget how many chemicals, preservatives, dyes and perfumes they are exposed to in their bath, beauty, and personal care products. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the average person is exposed to 126 toxic chemicals a day from personal-care products alone. (A)


Making your own, chemical-free health and beauty products is quick, easy and economical. I challenge you to let this easy Paleo Toothpaste Recipe be the first of many, chemical-free products you make on a regular basis for yourself and your family.


About the ingredients in my recipe:


*Calcium bentonite clay:

(Not to be confused with sodium bentonite clay, which is for external use.) Usually formed from the weathering of volcanic ash, rich in trace minerals, and a powerful detoxifying agent. Many people drink this ash to help detox heavy metals, candida, and toxins. Bentonite clay is also frequently used as a facial mask and bath soak for skin conditioning and detoxifying impurities.

*Birch xylitol:

It is a sugar alcohol (a hybrid of a sugar molecule and an alcohol molecule) that does not affect the body’s insulin or blood sugar levels when eaten. It occurs naturally in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables. It is believed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and thus is recommended in chewing gum by dentists to decrease incidence of cavities. I use any type derived from the bark of organic hardwood, American birch trees, not from GMO corn cobs. An extensive article about xylitol can be read here.

*Baking soda:

This is sodium bicarbonate which can help loosen plaque on tooth enamel. It also has anti-bacterial activity which can kill many bacteria in the mouth which lead to tooth decay.


Paleo Toothpaste Recipe


Paleo Toothpaste Recipe

Paleo Toothpaste Recipe






1) Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat on low with a hand-held electric mixer until smooth. (Add more clay, if needed, to obtain the consistency you prefer.)


I keep my paleo toothpaste in a mini-mason jar with a screw top lid.


This Paleo Toothpaste Recipe makes 1/4 cup of toothpaste. For bigger families, just double or triple your batch.


Paleo Toothpaste Recipe




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