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Paleo Tortillas (egg, dairy, coconut and gluten-free)

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 | 2 comments

Paleo Tortillas (egg, dairy, coconut and gluten-free)

Paleo Tortillas

Finally, moist, chewy Paleo Tortillas that taste fabulous and are better and more versatile than wheat or corn tortillas. By popular request from my readers, I have come up with this basic tortilla that can be used for enchiladas, burritos, soft tacos and sandwich wraps, or anything else calling for a tortilla.  I wanted a tortilla strong enough to hold fajita fixings, yet tasty enough to be eaten just on its own. After many, many tries, I think I’ve got it right for you.


I must tell you that I did make my Paleo Tortillas (in the pictures) without any special equipment. But having done so, I can now see why a tortilla press would be a good investment if you plan to make these often. It would be much faster, and yield a more uniform shape and size, than what I was able to do using a rolling-pin.


Great news for anyone on the Payton’s Paleo 30 Day Challenge, or any other paleo challenge eating program, these Paleo Tortillas are allowed at any time on your challenge. They are grain, dairy, coconut and egg free, so are also ideal for people intolerant or allergic to those foods.


I designed the measurements for these Paleo Tortillas to make just 2 tortillas, for those who eat solo, because eaten freshly made, they have the best consistency. If you need more, double, triple, or quadruple the recipe. I did the math for you for a quadruple batch, which will make 8 tortillas. Both recipes are below. Let me know what kind of creative uses you find for these little jewels.



 Paleo Tortillas  (2 tortilla measurements)


  • Prep time:  30 minutes
  • Cook time:  6 minutes
  • Servings:  2-8 tortillas (approx. 7 inch diameter)


  • 1 TBS. light olive oil (other oils work, but will alter the taste)
  • 2 TBS. almond milk
  • 1 TBS. ground golden flaxseed (must be golden to taste right)
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • 1/4 cup tapioca starch (arrowroot flour works, but they are not as chewy)
  • 1/8 tsp. salt


 Paleo Tortillas  (8 tortilla measurements)


  • 4 TBS. light olive oil (other oils work, but will alter the taste)
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup ground golden flaxseed (must be golden to taste right)
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 1 cup tapioca starch (arrowroot flour works, but they are not as chewy)
  • 1/2 tsp. salt


(Payton’s Paleo 30 Day Challenge friendly)

1) Heat the olive oil and almond milk in a small bowl. (I microwaved it for 45 seconds). Stir the ground golden flax-seed meal into the hot oil-milk mix and set aside. It will moisten and plump up in about 5 minutes.

2) In a large bowl, mix together the almond flour, tapioca flour and salt.

3) Using a wooden spoon, mix the moist flax mixture (that has been set to the side for 5 minutes or more) into the dry ingredients. It will be very sticky dough.

4) Heat a skillet over medium heat.


To shape each tortilla: 


Form a lemon sized piece of dough with your tapioca-floured hands, then place it on your open tortilla press, between two pieces of tapioca flour dusted parchment paper. Tightly close your press. Peel the top piece of parchment paper off and carry the tortilla to the hot skillet on the second piece of parchment paper. Loosen an edge of the tortilla from the parchment paper, then invert the parchment paper over the skillet and gently allow the tortilla to come apart from the paper and land into the pan.


I was able to use the same two pieces of parchment paper for all the tortillas as long as I kept them, and my hands, well dusted with tapioca flour.


If you have no tortilla press, use a rolling-pin to roll the tortilla balls flat between the pieces of dusted parchment. A press is inexpensive. I highly recommend the investment. This is the tortilla press I use.


Cook your Paleo Tortillas on an ungreased skillet until the surface of the tortilla is no longer shiny. Flip and cook on the opposite side until the tortilla appears dried throughout. Be careful not to overcook them, or they will stiffen, and break when rolled or folded.


Stack tortillas in a warmed oven on a glass plate or tortilla keeper as you make them, to keep them warm until serving time.


The Paleo Tortillas in the picture below are stuffed with my Paleo Pork Ragout.


Paleo Tortillas are also delicious served as a snack, hot, and spread with butter and honey or jam!


Paleo Tortillas

Paleo Tortillas (*)



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  1. Nanetta

    Just made these tonight and they were so good. Suprisingly easy even though I don’t have a tortilla press. Even my husband, who doesn’t do Paleo, raved about them. Thanks Payton!

    • Payton

      Oh I’m so glad you tried them! Yes, I found that my family liked them better than the store bought ones, and now only want to eat the paleo ones. LOL
      Thanks for supporting the blog.


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